Vintage SCCA ITS 240Z Race Car

the petrolhead team have acquired a former SCCA ITS 240Z race car!

Through some painstaking research, and the remnants of decals from faded paint, we were able to piece together the history of this vintage masterpiece that would have otherwise been lost in time.

The Story: This little 1972 Datsun 240Z, an eventual 80-race car, was converted in 1988 by Brian Ohlemeier, who currently resides in the State of Washington as a professional bicyclist. The vehicle was completed in 1989 and raced for the better part of 12 years in SCCA’s ITS class all over the West Coast. The vehicle placed top five and set lap records at multiple race events such as the Rose Cup and Pacific Coast Championships. The vehicle competed at Pacific Raceways, Sears Point, Laguna Seca, and Thunderhill Raceway. A notable race that this machine partook in was Thunderhill Raceway’s first Harvest Moon Regional, setting a lap of 1:25.43 on September 30, 1995. This car also holds one SCCA 1st place win at, now defunct, Crow’s Landing. At one point in its history, Dave Rebello himself had to step up to SCCA to defend the car, as SCCA began disqualifying 240Z cars due to use after-market or 260Z cams. Yes, it was that fast.

After the 90′s the car rested on Mr. Ohlemeier’s driveway for eight years until he sent it to the scrapyard after quitting racing. The vehicle was simply taking up too much space in his home. Luckily, Steve Ingersoll, a renounced SCCA ITA racer who had seen and competed against the car over the years, knew immediately what it was and purchased it on the spot from the tow man for $1,200 cash. Soon Steve came to realize that he had no desire to compete with the Z. As a result, he sold it along with a trailer to an Aussie gentleman and Kevin McDonald of Mac’s Auto Performance in San Fernando, CA. Kevin McDonald, known for building outstanding BMW 2002 race cars, put it up for sale in December 2011 after having driven it a few times at the race track.

the petrolhead put a deposit down on July 8 of this year, and are expecting a full title to be mailed to us within three weeks! We are very excited to have this vehicle refreshed and back on the track. Hopefully we will be able to take it out to the vintage races!

The modifications include:
Rebello IT Motor
280Z 4-speed Transmission
4:10 Welded Differential
6-point SCCA Legal Roll Cage
ATL Fuel Cell
Re-worked SU Carburetors
 Adjustable Koni Shocks
Coil-over System 

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One response to “Vintage SCCA ITS 240Z Race Car

  1. Cool! i used to intern for Kevin Mcdonald. great guy great buy!
    I got the Z fever from him and have now owned my first car, a 78 z, for 4 months!

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