Thursday Nights in Santa Clara

On Thursday the petrolhead rolled out to the monthly last Thursday Classic Car Meet in Santa Clara, CA. We were lucky enough to hitch a ride with a true petrolhead Lloyd L. from San Mateo. His beautiful E-Type Jaguar was definitely the highlight of the night. Truly one of the most beautiful cars ever made.

DSC_3508There was definitely some bipolarity going on at the meet, as there were both very ratty and full show cars present.

DSC_3493The most presented car at these meets is usually the Datsun 510, aka Nissan Bluebird. Troy Ermish, a professional racer/shop owner who built the petrolhead’s Fairlady Z’s big brake kit, was also present with his authentic Nissan Blue Bird.

DSC_3476We were very happy to see MG well represented with this classy MGB, an important piece of British Automotive History that is often taken for granted. With the E-Type Jag and MGB, this meet is becoming more than just a Japanese Classic Car get-together.

DSC_3475Anddddd… its 24 hours of Lemons twin!

DSC_3512Blue bluebird rockin’ the Rota Hayashi-copy wheels. I must say, they are a very good replica. Rota, you’ve done it again!

DSC_3495With the fall of the Mazda RX-series, we need more individuals like the owner of this FB to keep rotary spirit alive!!

We will end this article with the perfected stance of Andy Y.’s RB20DET 240Z. He is also a friend of the petrolhead, and provider of the photos from today’s post. You can catch more of his photo action his Flickr.

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