Perfected Zed

Perfection. If we had to sum it all up in one word, that is exactly the word that would use to describe this beautiful Zed from Poland. Classic Z Car forum user gusbo restored and modified this Z into an ideal balance of both performance and aesthetics.

Here you see this poor little Z sitting on a mixed set of wheels, and with missing body parts. Like most Z cars, this one was rusted in all the common areas. The engine was also seized upon purchase, but that did not stop the owner from pursing his ultimate goal.

This is a sight is much too common among Z cars, and one that would change any restoration ideas for most enthusiasts. Let the restoration BEGIN.

There is no doubt in our minds that original white is the perfect color for any Z. Soon after the disassembly started, the little Zed was sent off to the paint shop for this fresh coat of paint.

Assembly commenced! Fresh new interior pieces were imported and installed to give the cabin a more fresh feel, as well as free up any lurking 40 year old smells! Red interior really should be a standard for white Z’s.

New trim including fender flares, bumpers, a wing, and tail light panels were added to the mix. To top it off, a set of Hayashi Racing 501 mesh wheels were mounted. Sizing is as follows:

Fronts – 15×8, 0 offset w/ a 35mm spacer
Rear – 15×9.5, -38 offset w/ no spacer
Tires – BF Goodrich G-Force Sport 225/55/15 front and rear

And of course, the stance needs to be fully adjustable with the wheels and flares!

Here we have the completed Z. Truly one of the most perfect Z’s we have ever had pleasure of laying our eyes on.

An enthusiasts dream machine + some photography skills = Lust

Are those OMP seats in a Z? Strangely fitting! We love the gold powder-coated roll bar as well; it definitely gives it a JDM feel.

Should we mimic this build with our petrolhead Fairlady Z? Definitely a possibility.

The whole process and modification list can be found HERE.

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  1. Beautifully executed!

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