Flying Lotus’

On September 15, 2011, the petrolhead made it out to a San Jose Bay Area/GGLC drive and meet.  Two separate groups met in Woodside and Saratoga. Each group took a short drive up the mountain roads known as Skyline Blvd., meeting at the Page Mill Rd. intersection.

From there, we drove down Page Mill Rd. into the heart of Palo Alto, home of Stanford University and Facebook, to grab some dinner at Nola.

Taking captive a near by parking garage, the Lotus cars started rolling in. The beautiful white Elise was the most aesthetically modified car present. The car is owned by Terry, who has tastefully modified his car with Reverie and self-fabricated body parts. Sitting quietly beside it, we have the petrolhead Exige!

 One of each color! Why did Terry have to ruin the picture with his Painter’s taped from end!? To avoid rock chips on his long trip down the I-5 to Los Angeles, he says.

 The Dietsch Werks Exige S240 is a stunning sight with its Krypton Green factory paint job. This vehicle was featured at our previous track day!

Normally, I would say Chrome Orange has to be seen in person, but Terry took this gorgeous shot that brings out all that is great about Orange!

Unfortunately, the restaurant was not able to cater to our big group. We had to split the tables up!

Regardless, the meet was still a great event that we hope to replicate in two weeks time!

 I’ll end this post with the awesome grub provided by the restaurant Nola in downtown Palo Alto. Terry, who organized the event, has been kind enough to provide us with this event’s pictures.

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