Sears Point w/ CFRA Part-1

This weekend the petrolhead made it out to the track with CFRA (Checkered Flag Racing Association). CFRA is an invite-only race club that visits a variety of tracks in California year round. We try to make it out to 5-6 track days a year to keep our skills in order. Keep reading for Part-1 of our exciting day in Sonoma.

A 6:30AM arrival was not pretty, but we managed to snag a few spots under the stands in preparation for a hot day!

Unpacking tools, chairs, and other track day goods from the petrolhead 2006 Lotus Exige (NA) for a long day of racing!

The Morning Walk-through:

Beautiful persimmon-colored 911 ready to rock the track. This had to be one of my favorite race cars of the day. The car truly embodies what we here at the petrolhead love, functionality.

Look at that massive wing! Although quite ridiculous, do not let the looks fool you, this 930 Porsche means business! For some odd reason, I wanted to nick-name this machine “roadrunner.”

This Dodge ACR Viper was by far the quickest in our run group, CFRA “A Group.” This beauty is how the Motortrend guy would put it: “pure automotive awesome!” Performance, functionality, mean looks, high hp, and shotty interior, I LOVE IT!

the petrolhead 1972 Nissan Fairlady 240Z stands no chance against this monster. The CFRA GT-4 classed white Datsun 240Z was putting higher horsepower cars to shame. I am loving the stance, and twin tip huge exhausts!

Look who showed up! Rob Dietsch from Dietsch Werks in San Jose, CA. From a previous visit to his shop to get work done on my car, I saw this stunning Krypton Green S240 in pieces. After his customer had driven it into a curb on his daily drive to work, he sold it to Diestch Werks who have it repaired into a full-time Lotus Cup Competitor!

The Shelby Daytona is one of our all time favorites here at the petrolhead. Although we are fairly confident this was not a authentic Shelby Dayton, it sure was an awesome kit version that deserved two pictures!

They sure don’t make them like they use to. The curves and lines of the ’60-’70′s race cars are truly timeless.

First onto the track was this purpose-built Honda S2000. High revving heaven!

There’s our “roadrunner” again! Followed by its blacked-out sister.

Mmmmm… Porsche.

A Porsche Boxster and Lotus Elise duke it out! You all know who we are biased towards ;)

The Lotus Cup Races were also taking place. Here you see the rivals enter the track. Lotus 2-11 in all its glory.

Another shot in the pits. We all bring spare parts to a track, but I have never seen a spare engine brought to a track day!

That’s the end of Part-1! Stay tuned for Part-2 :)

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